Joandi aren’t doing No Food January this year, instead we’ve updated it to a month of only eating home-grown squash. It’s quite like NFJ, but you are allowed to buy stuff to make eating squash for every meal a bit more acceptable.

So far this week I’ve eaten roast squash, roast squash soup, squash and lentil bake and squash and chickpea stew (plus leftovers of each of them). They’re all made out of one massive Boston Winter Squash but still it’s not used up. I have a full box of it in the fridge, plus three bags of it in the freezer, on top of all the bags of squash previously crammed into the freezer. All-Squash-January could last for months and months yet…

Any good squash recipe ideas?

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  1. Its good in cakes! Or a nice gratin, a bit like potato dauphinois but with squash. Thomasina has a filthy mashed squash recipe with brown butter and maple syrup in it, yummy!!

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