Tree fury

Helenandi are seething with rage after someone came into our back garden and broke loads of branches off our trees!!! The prime suspect in this new case for Helenandjo Ace Detectives is someone from the industrial estate that backs onto our land. We suspect someone has attacked the trees because they somehow believed they were encroaching onto their property even though the poor trees were not doing any harm and we have been careful to get them professionally pruned so they do not overhang the warehouse that adjoins our garden. Some of the branches have been cut but most have simply been snapped as if someone had stamped on them. My finely honed detective skills also suggest the perpetrator may have actually come into the garden – some of the plants at the back look like they have been trodden on and there are what could be footprints in the soil. The ferms are decidedly flat. This is trespassing and against the law.

Naturally we have reported the tree vandalism to the police but fear they may regard this as a trivial matter like the time Helen reported a man for weeing on the trees in our street.

Our treemisery comes on top of another outrage concerning those very trees. This is what has happened to a new tree we had planted in our road last year:

Some horrible person thought it would be fun to snap it in half. This tree cost £250 and is now DEAD.

However, we are used to people damaging trees in the street but not in our own garden. All this adds up to a sea of despair and hopelessness. Black black black!!!!



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