Seeing as helenandjo.com is read by so many people around the world, it would be remiss of me not to record the fact that we are currently in “lockdown” due to coronavirus or Covid-19. Helen is in lockdown in Northbamptonshire and I am in lockdown in Foxley Green while our friend and tenant is in lockdown at our primary residence in Sparrow.

Now that I have mentioned the virus, I can tell you my anecdote. I was crouching down in the front garden painting a gate when two young boys rode by on their bikes. The first boy warned the other: “There’s a lady” as he cycled past me (everyone has to keep out of each other’s way these days). After they had ridden past I could hear their conversation.

Second boy: Did you give the lady any money?

First boy: Why would I give her money?

Second boy: Because she’s homeless.

Basically the second boy had mistaken me for an unfortunate rough sleeper who was sheltering by a hedge and begging for money. I blame this on my jacket, which is a large green military jacket and the kind of garment a homeless person might wear. The fact I had messy hair and was a bit dirty from sanding the gate probably did not help. Hmph!


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