Lockdown experts

If you are worrying about how to get through Lockdown, then Joandi are the experts you need to offer our guidance.  Basically our whole lives have been preparation for lockdown as has been detailed by this blog.  Here is the evidence:

  1. NFJ (No Food January) is our annual (although we’ve not bothered in a while) challenge where you can’t go to the shops and have to make interesting meals out of the weird stuff in your freezer and cupboards – just like Lockdown!
  2. When we go on holiday, we hire a house and refuse to leave it or go anywhere or speak to anyone or do anything – just like Lockdown!
  3. We can write a whole blog for 15 years based on what we had for lunch – that’s all there is to talk about in Lockdown!
  4. Jo has been working under the stairs for years – now everyone is working from home!
  5. I am always telling Jo to wash her hands.  Just like Lockdown!

So if you need any help or tips, we’re here to provide them.

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