My freezer is scared of bears

In exciting news, we have got a new freezer here in Foxley Green. It seems to be working okay but the instructions that came with it were rather confusing. There were no words, just pictures. For example, this image seems to suggest the freezer does not like bears so it is important to keep any bears out of the kitchen.

Cats are fine although sitting next to a freezer makes a cat feel cold, which is why the cat is saying “Brrrrr”.

The freezer also likes chemistry and bees

Nothing is ever simple. When we unpacked the freezer a white plastic thing fell off the back and I had to contact the freezer manufacturer to see if it was important. It looked important.

Turns out it was just to hold the plug in place while the freezer was being moved.

Two days after the freezer arrived we had a power cut and everything in it starting melting. This is typical. Some builders down the road had chopped through an electricity cable.

Luckily it wasn’t our builders because they are never here to cause problems (or do any work).



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