I forgot…

I forgot to log in yesterday to say that I’d seen Simon Mayo and Angela Rippon in the Foyer Cafe at TVC yesterday. Not together.

In today’s news, I’d like to dispute Jo’s score of 0 good things, as this morning I made her a cup of tea.

Holiday cottage options

here are some of the otpions for our holiday cottages:

“Le Patio – 440”:http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/uce/c4y?view=details&action=readDetails&cottageId=413976&holidayPark=N&startdate=9/10/2004&duration=7&sleeps=4&propertyTypeId

This is Jo’s favourite. Looks v pretty, on a river. Two double bedrooms, one twin bedroom.

It’s basically a big mill and does share the pool/ garden with another holiday home, and the owners do live in it as well.

“Barbentane – 659”:http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/uce/c4y?view=details&action=readDetails&cottageId=413421&holidayPark=N&startdate=9/10/2004&duration=7&sleeps=4&propertyTypeId

This has 4 double bedrooms, and a pony and a donkey. But it’s too expensive.

“Sequret – 476”:http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/uce/c4y?view=details&action=readDetails&cottageId=413949&holidayPark=N&startdate=9/10/2004&duration=7&sleeps=4&propertyTypeId

2 double bedroom, 1 twin, 1 single.

shared pool and grounds with another holiday flat and the owners

“Le Borie – 543”:http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/uce/c4y?view=details&action=readDetails&cottageId=413301&holidayPark=N&startdate=9/10/2004&duration=7&sleeps=4&propertyTypeId

two double bedrooms, plus external studio with twin room and own bathroom.
pizza oven.
garden doesn’t look that good.

“Mediba – 284”:http://www.cottages4you.co.uk/uce/c4y?view=details&action=readDetails&cottageId=413300&holidayPark=N&startdate=9/10/2004&duration=7&sleeps=4&propertyTypeId

apartment part of owner’s house. shared pool. very cheap.

Other thoughts? Richard could you call them and see what’s happened to all those other ones that we were looking at?


Statement on behalf of Helen

Helen has been unable to contribute to the new helenandjo.com website so far this morning as she has been otherwise engaged. Her schedule today includes booking a presenter and a newsreader. She’s also been listening back to check the weekend’s programmes and answering questions about the CCB. These dull activities are otherwise known as her ‘job’.

She very much hopes that Jo has done all her work seeing as it’s deadline day and sends her best wishes to all at Strawmarket.