Missing present mystery SOLVED!

Readers of Helenandjo.com will have been kept awake at  night, worrying about what happened to the missing Advent gift. Well, I can announce that the mystery is solved! The missing gift was in my bag all the time!!! Here it is:

Whatever can it be?

Oh dear. It is a jolly Merry Christmas badge complete with a mini Santa hat. Unfortunately, due to my blundering I will not be able to wear it until NEXT Christmas.

Advent – Day 24

This is the moment we have all been waiting for – the climax of the Helenandjo Advent Calendar 2018. Here is the last present, balanced on my knee while I wait for the train to Sparrow. Webmaster Matt will be impressed that I have done many of my Advent posts on the move using my PHONE.  Anyway…

Whatever can it be?

Wowee!!! It’s a £10 note. We’re rich! I will give some to charity and share the rest with Helen. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Continue reading “Advent – Day 24”

Advent – Day 18

Whatever can it be?

Some useful measuring spoons! These help you accurately measure a “tad”, a “dash”, a “pinch” and a “smidgen”. Ideal for people like Dad and Helen’s Mark who like to know where they stand when making recipes.

Advent – Day 12

Whatever can it be?

It’s another fiendishly difficult puzzle – Rings of Fire, which sounds ominous. I won’t get it out of its box as I may re-gift it to Dad who likes these kind of things.