Blummin’ beauty!

The new owners of our local convenience store – formerly known as Pricesnipper – have come up with brilliant business idea: setting up a beauty salon next to the bins. This is worse than the time the former owner tried to set up a Parisian-style pavement cafe amid the litter and bus fumes.

The new salon – located in the shop’s old storeroom – is called Blooming Beauty or rather Blummin’ Beauty. It offers a very wide range of treatments including eyelash extensions, eyebrow tinting, manicures and facials as well as “buttocks waxing”. It is all very glamorous which is why it is a shame you have to edge round several overflowing industrial waste bins to get there.

Missing present mystery SOLVED!

Readers of will have been kept awake at  night, worrying about what happened to the missing Advent gift. Well, I can announce that the mystery is solved! The missing gift was in my bag all the time!!! Here it is:

Whatever can it be?

Oh dear. It is a jolly Merry Christmas badge complete with a mini Santa hat. Unfortunately, due to my blundering I will not be able to wear it until NEXT Christmas.

Advent – Day 24

This is the moment we have all been waiting for – the climax of the Helenandjo Advent Calendar 2018. Here is the last present, balanced on my knee while I wait for the train to Sparrow. Webmaster Matt will be impressed that I have done many of my Advent posts on the move using my PHONE.  Anyway…

Whatever can it be?

Wowee!!! It’s a £10 note. We’re rich! I will give some to charity and share the rest with Helen. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Continue reading “Advent – Day 24”

Advent – Day 18

Whatever can it be?

Some useful measuring spoons! These help you accurately measure a “tad”, a “dash”, a “pinch” and a “smidgen”. Ideal for people like Dad and Helen’s Mark who like to know where they stand when making recipes.

Advent – Day 12

Whatever can it be?

It’s another fiendishly difficult puzzle – Rings of Fire, which sounds ominous. I won’t get it out of its box as I may re-gift it to Dad who likes these kind of things.