Sandwich disappointment

It is with regret that I report I have been let down by my last two egg sandwiches from Pret. The last one I ate didn’t taste brilliant but I thought it was probably an aberration. However, I got one today and it too lacked that special flavour that I have come to expect from Pret eggwiches. I fear they have employed a substandard eggwich chef. Doubtless Helen will berate me for not accepting the homemade eggwich she offered me this morning.

In other news…the date of the Strawmarket Christmas party has been announced. Woo!

AND I have purchased a new pair of tweezers for Helen after I destroyed her last pair by using them to extract some stubborn screws from my new chest of drawers DIY project. It wasn’t my fault they ended up all twisted and useless. I blame the manufacturers. Nevertheless I have replaced them out of the goodness of my own heart and Helen can remain hair-free (retaining any necessary hair, like head hair, obviously).

Stress day

It’s press day, it’s stress day. Could be a new song in there somewhere. My new ukulele has arrived from Hawaii. It is a larger uke than my others with a deeper tone and it is handpainted with palm trees and a mini ukulele player in the foreground. I have already written a song on it and have ideas for several others including one about November 9, the forgotten 9/11.

In other news, Helen has made contact with the chair of our residents association and has volunteered my services to help with the newsletter. I am quite excited about this. I hope the residents of Rosslyn Crescent, Frognal Avenue and The Woodlands have a sense of humour.

I spent the weekend ripping out our front garden. Where there was once some straggly grass and a few ailing plants, there is now a bare wasteland. I fought the giant winter jasmine and won. It tried to kill me, but who’s laughing now?

Cheese update!

I take it all back. My vintage cheddar is 15-month matured cheddar from the Caenarfon Creamery in South Wales and is a deliciously tangy match for the Wiltshire ham and onion chutney (traditionally stirred in an open kettle), and bread made with eight types of grain and seed. What a lot of effort for a simple ham and cheese sandwich. I feel honoured.


I have got RSI and a slight tummy ache so I’m going out to get some lunch. Where shall I go? Probably Pret a Manger because no one does egg sandwiches like they do.

First, however, I shall have a cup of tea. It’s all go!

Good news about interest rates. Since we bought a flat my interest in interest rates has increased by 100 per cent. I like to call this the Interest Interest Rate (IIR).

Bank of England

no change in interest rates. this is good news for us since we made the very wise decision to get a tracker mortgage. glad we did that just before 3 rate increases.

so that’s 1 more good thing, or at least not 1 more bad thing.

More celebrity spotting

Yes, I admit that Helen made me a cup of tea and that was good but that was cancelled out by the fact we had no bread for my morning toast.

Richard and I saw Gail, the wannabe transexual from Fat Farm, in Borders yesterday. She was wearing leather trousers.

I forgot…

I forgot to log in yesterday to say that I’d seen Simon Mayo and Angela Rippon in the Foyer Cafe at TVC yesterday. Not together.

In today’s news, I’d like to dispute Jo’s score of 0 good things, as this morning I made her a cup of tea.

My adventures

I went to a conference at the Mayfair Conference Centre yesterday. Unfortunately the conference was actually at the Royal College of Surgeons. I made it just on time after a Challenge Anneka-style dash across London. Yesterday was a day of confusion as I kept getting mixed up in other conferences also at the Royal College of Surgeons. At one point I was at a dentistry conference and I nearly had lunch with the radiology conference delegates and on my way back from the toilet I ended up at the annual conference for the London deanery, whoever they are.

Good things that have happened today: 0

Bad things: 2

Statement on behalf of Helen

Helen has been unable to contribute to the new website so far this morning as she has been otherwise engaged. Her schedule today includes booking a presenter and a newsreader. She’s also been listening back to check the weekend’s programmes and answering questions about the CCB. These dull activities are otherwise known as her ‘job’.

She very much hopes that Jo has done all her work seeing as it’s deadline day and sends her best wishes to all at Strawmarket.