Advent – Day 18

Whatever can it be?

Some useful measuring spoons! These help you accurately measure a “tad”, a “dash”, a “pinch” and a “smidgen”. Ideal for people like Dad and Helen’s Mark who like to know where they stand when making recipes.

Advent day 17

Whatever can it be?

I was so keen to find out that I accidentally started unwrapping it before taking this photo

It’s some more cocktail stirrers. Now we can have four friends over for cocktails.

Advent day 15

Whatever can it be?

It’s a lovely Christmas tree Christmas tree decoration which I shall hang on my Christmas tree.

Advent – Day 12

Whatever can it be?

It’s another fiendishly difficult puzzle – Rings of Fire, which sounds ominous. I won’t get it out of its box as I may re-gift it to Dad who likes these kind of things.

Advent day 11

Whatever can it be?

And whatever can it be?

It’s either a mini nail brush, a mini shoe cleaning brush or possibly a mini clothes brush. Or multi-functional and all three.

Advent day 9

Whatever can it be?

It’s some more cocktail stirrers, this time featuring some grapes and a pig. I wonder what said to the manufacturers of the cocktail stirrers that pigs and hedgehogs were the perfect animals to go with your pina colada?