Bad day

I am having a very bad day.

Firstly Jo was not speaking to me this morning which was very bad.
Secondly, I’d forgotten to get any bread out of the freezer so no breakfast and no lunch.
Thirdly I’m not convinced that our eco-friendly washing powder actually cleans our clothes properly and we may have to go back to dangerous chemicals which kill badgers and trees but actually get things clean.
Fourthly, it was raining and I’d forgotten my umbrella so I waited for the BBC bus and it was VERY late and then it went the wrong way round so I was VERY late for work.
Fifthly, my elbow hurts very much which it sometimes does, think that I have RSI too.
Sixthly, I can’t remember sixthly as I was just checking my voicemail and had to ring some people up.
Seventhly the chocolate croissant I had for breakfast was horrible.

so that’s 7 bad things and 0 good things.


I was not talking to Helen this morning but then I got bored and we are friends again. A fitting start to World Suicide Day. On this special day I would like to make an observation about choices. I might have woken up this morning and thought ‘Shall I kill myself?’. I could have decided ‘No, I will go to work’ (which is quite similar to being dead anyway). Or, I might have thought ‘Yes’. Then I would have had to choose which way I wanted to die…too much hassle, might as well go to work and slowly sink into a moribund state. I have come to realise that I never make any big decisions because I am too busy making small decisions like which toilet to use. I have a choice of two here at Haymarket Publications. But this is not a simple choice. Toilet A does not flush that well. Toilet B has a wobbly seat, which makes me feel nervous. These small decisions fill up my brain until it is so full that I have no brain cells left to process big life choices or listen to Helen with.

Happy World Suicide Day!

I’m free!

Dear weblog,
You are my only friend.
Matt will be cross because I haven’t been categorising my entries properly. I have remembered to normalise this one.

In other news, it’s home time.

Cups of tea drunk today: 3
Cups of coffee: 1
Other liquids: 0
Smarties: 9
Egg sandwiches: 1


I have got RSI and a slight tummy ache so I’m going out to get some lunch. Where shall I go? Probably Pret a Manger because no one does egg sandwiches like they do.

First, however, I shall have a cup of tea. It’s all go!

Good news about interest rates. Since we bought a flat my interest in interest rates has increased by 100 per cent. I like to call this the Interest Interest Rate (IIR).

Bank of England

no change in interest rates. this is good news for us since we made the very wise decision to get a tracker mortgage. glad we did that just before 3 rate increases.

so that’s 1 more good thing, or at least not 1 more bad thing.

More celebrity spotting

Yes, I admit that Helen made me a cup of tea and that was good but that was cancelled out by the fact we had no bread for my morning toast.

Richard and I saw Gail, the wannabe transexual from Fat Farm, in Borders yesterday. She was wearing leather trousers.

I forgot…

I forgot to log in yesterday to say that I’d seen Simon Mayo and Angela Rippon in the Foyer Cafe at TVC yesterday. Not together.

In today’s news, I’d like to dispute Jo’s score of 0 good things, as this morning I made her a cup of tea.

My adventures

I went to a conference at the Mayfair Conference Centre yesterday. Unfortunately the conference was actually at the Royal College of Surgeons. I made it just on time after a Challenge Anneka-style dash across London. Yesterday was a day of confusion as I kept getting mixed up in other conferences also at the Royal College of Surgeons. At one point I was at a dentistry conference and I nearly had lunch with the radiology conference delegates and on my way back from the toilet I ended up at the annual conference for the London deanery, whoever they are.

Good things that have happened today: 0

Bad things: 2


I have sent you all an email about the holiday. For those readers who are not going on holiday with us then I hope you enjoyed looking at where we might be staying when we go on holiday to France in October. Now I will continue to tell you about my thrilling life. This morning I went to a very posh house in Kensington to interview the new director of the National Playing Fields Association. I have realised that there is no need for Helen and I to do up our new flat. This woman was one of the richest people I have met but her furniture was covered in dirt and dog hair. Throughout the interview her black labrador kept hoovering away at its lady bits – chomp, chomp, chomp, squish, slurp. I had to exert extreme self control to avoid laughing. The dog reminded me very much of my family’s dead dog Jessie, whom I once tried to kill.

Holiday cottage options

here are some of the otpions for our holiday cottages:

“Le Patio – 440”:

This is Jo’s favourite. Looks v pretty, on a river. Two double bedrooms, one twin bedroom.

It’s basically a big mill and does share the pool/ garden with another holiday home, and the owners do live in it as well.

“Barbentane – 659”:

This has 4 double bedrooms, and a pony and a donkey. But it’s too expensive.

“Sequret – 476”:

2 double bedroom, 1 twin, 1 single.

shared pool and grounds with another holiday flat and the owners

“Le Borie – 543”:

two double bedrooms, plus external studio with twin room and own bathroom.
pizza oven.
garden doesn’t look that good.

“Mediba – 284”:

apartment part of owner’s house. shared pool. very cheap.

Other thoughts? Richard could you call them and see what’s happened to all those other ones that we were looking at?